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Monday, February 20, 2012

Scattered Pieces by Alice Lynn

Type: Novel
Genre: Fiction/Period Fiction/Drama
Price: $2.99
Grade: B+

Many stories are about what happens when tragedy strikes, but what about the events that happen after a tragedy? This book is a memoir style fiction that follows the life of Katie who is a small child in the 1940s and suddenly one day her little brother disappears, right from her grasp; an event which she will always feel responsible. And it follows her throughout her childhood, teen years and to adulthood in the wake of this life-changing event. It examines the relationships that she has with her parents following the loss of their other child, and her future relationships with friends, teachers and lovers. Though her life has been marred by an unspeakable event it also helps to shape many aspects of her future life, one that like most has its ups and downs but is for the most part a normal, average life. Though it can be a bit lengthy it is an interesting examination of an individual and the effects that certain events can have on many lives. This will be an especially exciting read for anyone interested in psychology or period dramas.


  1. Cassandra, thank you for your review. It is always heartening to hear from critical readers and get their honest reactions to your work. Thank you so much! Alice

  2. Alice Lynn definitely delves into some fascinating psychology in this book. And her descriptions are beautiful.