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Sunday, February 26, 2012

In His Eyes - An Anthology

Type: Short Story Anthology
Genre: Fiction
Price: $0.99
Grade: A+

This is a wonderful compilation of short stories that are all about love, romance, and meeting that right person. Every one of these stories is well put together, inventive, interesting and entertaining and many of them have a unique fantasy or sci-fi element. There is something for every reader and this collection is the perfect way to try out authors and their stories, as every one of these short stories is a part of or a companion to a full length novel or a series of books. We get to visit some characters we have read before, like Melody and Raleigh from the Zellie Wells Trilogy by Stacey Wallace Benefiel and Cody and his new girlfriend Megan from Running Wide Open by Lisa Nowak. Each story is told by the point of view of the male in the couple, which lends an interesting perspective and often quite different from the one offered in the full length piece.

Because of this adorable collection I have added many other authors and their works to my To-Read list and I am sure you will too! It’s a steal with 16 stories for only $0.99!


  1. Thanks for the review! I'm happy you enjoyed the anthology. Yes,it made my TBR pile unmanageable too. :)

  2. Cassandra, had a chance to check out your reviews. Nice! That said, how would you like to become a 711 Press reviewer? You can view our current titles here: http://711press.com/current-titles/. We'd love to have you on board. Reply via the Contact Us page.


  3. Hello Cassandra. I am an Indie author with 2 books published on Amazon that are in desperate need for review. I love your reviews and would be honored if you would review one (or both?) of mine.


    I'm sorry if I have put this in an inappropriate spot but I wasn't able to find a contact or email link to contact you. :)

  4. Thanks for the heads up about the lack of an email address. I have added mine to the welcome message.