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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vanessa, the Foul Mouthed Dream Catcher, and Fed Up, by Tim Elliott

Type: Short Stories
Genre: Fiction
Price: Free (on smashwords)
Grade: A+

Vanessa, The Foul-Mouthed Dream Catcher

Whatever you think this story is going to be, it isn’t. A delightful, dark, and witty story from new author Tim Elliott. What starts out as a simple, straightforward story, quickly becomes one that makes you pause, contemplate, re-read, and then contemplate some more. The ideas are interesting, and quite possibly true enough that you will be sure to think about them hours, days, or weeks later. I highly recommend everyone check out this story, and keep an eye out for this author in the future.

Fed Up

This story offers a more light-hearted comedy with a unique and intriguing style, and a fascinating look at humanity from some very different perspectives. As the story goes, it gets more whimsical and it seems like there is no guessing which direction it will go in next. Not only will it entertain and release a few chuckles, but it may have you wondering, just a little bit, about a few strange perspectives yourself.

Get both stories for free at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/horkeytim

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