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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flash Gold and Hunted by Lindsay Buroker

Flash Gold
Type: Novella (aprox. 52 pages)
Genre: Steampunk/adventure
Price: Free when purchased, $0.99 now
Grade: A

A unique Steampunk story set in the frigid Yukon with a delightful tinkerer, Kali, who makes amazing machines, gadgets, weapons and more with a little help from her stash of Flash Gold, a potent and magical power source that lends her creations an amazing advantage to normal steam powered machines.  Kali has plans to enter her dogless dog sled into a local race, when a  mysterious stranger shows up at her door looking for work. She is wary at first, but he soon shows just how useful he is to have around.

This story blends traditional steampunk elements with new ideas and settings creating an exciting and unusual blend to this impossible to put down story. I highly reccomend it, even to those who are not fans of Steampunk, as there is something for everyone in this story!

The sequel to Flash Gold is Hunted

Type: Novella (aprox. 79 pages)
Genre: Steampunk/Adventure
Price: $1.49
Grade: A

This is the sequal to Flash Gold and Kali and Cedar embark on another adventure, where danger waits around ever turn. With Kali's amazing ability to create mechanical devices, modify weapons, and her secret stash of Flash Gold and Cedar's sharpshooting, skill with a katana and amazing tracking skills they seem an unstoppable pair, until they are stuck between two enemies. Will they survive this ordeal, and if they do, what does the future hold for this duo?
These stories (Flash Gold and Hunted) are sure to delight fans of Steampunk, adventure, and action stories, and I have a feeling this is not the last we are going to see of Kali, Cedar, or the Flash Gold!

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