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Friday, January 6, 2012

Deadly Games (The Emperor's Edge Book 3) By Lindsay Buroker

Type: Novel
Genre: Action/Adventure/Steampunk/Fantasy
Price: $4.95
Grade: A++

This is the third installment in the Emperor's Edge series and like the other books it does not fail to excite and entertain. I found this book to be the most nerve-wracking and nail-biting book yet and I could not put the book down, finishing it in less than a day. I admit that my attachment to the story may be that after three books, and three short stories, I have a lot invested in the characters at this point, but this adventure also seems a touch more dangerous than before (hard to top their other dangerous adventures, I know). The author plans to write a book with each of the crew as a secondary character, the second book was Books's story, and this is Basilard's story, though arguably this is also Sicarius's story. We find out more about both of these characters in this story, about Basilard's history and current mindset and about the changes that Sicarius finds himself going through. The author has mentioned in interviews that Sicarius is never going to become a hero. And I don't think he should, but that does not mean that we don't get to understand him better, and that he doesn't get to change (however slight these changes may be). Amaranthe is going through changes too, mostly learning how to lead the group as well as emotionally adapting to her role as fugative and mercenary while trying to keep her strong moral standing. She is directly responcible for the changes in the other characters too, and Basilard tells Sicarius at one point in the story that Sicarius should stick with Amaranthe, because she keeps him human. Sicarius agrees.

Though it is hard to choose, I would have to say that this is my favorite book of the series thus far, and I anxiously await the next book! Check the author's website for info about new books and release dates:

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